Why Vision Therapy?

If you or your child is having trouble staying focused during nightly homework sessions, it could be due to a binocular vision problem. Sometimes glasses can not completely solve the source of the problem and active therapy is necessary.

Vision Therapy Timeline

The process of vision therapy starts with a comprehensive eye exam. Once a problem is identified, a vision therapy consultation is conducted to determine a vision therapy plan of action.

Vision Therapy Technology

Sanet Vision Integrator
This new touch screen technology helps develop and enhance eye tracking and movements to translate to performance in the classroom.

Wii Fitness Board
We utilize a Wii Fitness Board to help integrate our sense of balance with our vision to improve these vision skills.

The VTS 4 – HoloLens System
This system uses a virtual reality headset to perform exercises to help work the muscles that control our eye movements while participating in exciting games. The headset allows the patient to still see the room around them to continue to give the “real world” effect to further achieve results.

Vision Therapy Candidates

Children having difficulty staying on top of their school work and grades, especially reading and comprehension. These children may have multiple symptoms such as blurred vision, headaches, eye strain or fatigue and double vision.

Many adults now stare at screens for hours and hours throughout the days. They too, may experience symptoms of eye fatigue and headaches that are interrupting their daily routines.

Adults and children who have had a recent traumatic brain injury who have symptoms of headaches, blurred vision, strain and double vision.

Athletes who are trying get the most out if their vision and how it applies to their sport(s). Including pickleball, shooting sports and golf performance enhancement programs!